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Thursday, March 29, 2012

NuWave Baked Chicken Drumsticks

Now that the outside temperature is heating up, it's once again time to turn on the A/C...and it's only March!!  This is the time of year when I start thinking of new ways to get dinner on the table, without heating up the house.  One way to do that is with a NuWave Oven. 
Seasoned and ready to cook

This little oven is so easy to use, that I hardly ever use the big oven any more for cooking a roasted whole chicken .  The skin cooks to a golden crispy crunch and the inside is perfectly cooked and juicy!  But so far I've only used it for a whole chicken...so why not try pieces of chicken? 

Crispy outside and juicy inside
My first test using chicken drumsticks was a great success.  I used a simple coating of Seasoned Salt and Pepper, so this isn't really a recipe so much as a demonstration, but I did want you to see the crispy crunchy results.  Use any seasonings you like such as a cajun blend or italian blend and generously coat one side of the drumsticks.  Place the drumsticks seasoned side down on the grill.  You will want to flip the grilling rack over so you have the 4-inch height, not the short 1-inch height.

Since these drumsticks were pretty thick I started them on the HI setting and cooked for 12 minutes.  When the oven beeps, remove the top (be careful it does get a little warm), turn the drumsticks over and season the other side.  Replace the top of the oven and set for an additional 12 minutes.

At the end of the 12 minutes I sliced into one drumstick and they were just a tiny bit pink, so I replaced the lid and cooked 3 minutes longer, and they were ready to serve.  On a health note, while the chicken is cooking you can see all of the fat dripping off into the drip pan. (Just line the drip pan with heavy-duty foil and there's no clean up.)  This is so much healthier than having the chicken cook IN all of that fat.  Much healthier, much quicker and so easy!  Enjoy!


  1. I googled how to make drumsticks in my NuWave and came across this. The directions were perfect and the timing was just right. Thank you!

  2. I'm so glad the instructions worked for you. More NuWave recipes to come soon! Thank you so much for your comment!

  3. Thank you for these directions

  4. love my Nuwave awesome

  5. what if chicken is frozen does the time to cook change?

  6. Awesome turned out delicious! Thank you!

  7. I don't usually cook the drumsticks from frozen, but it should work. Instead of 12 minutes plus 12 minutes I would increase the cook time to 15 minutes and 15 minutes, then check to make sure the juices run clear. Thank you for visiting!


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