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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Catfish Tacos

This recipe is a family favorite that we've been making for several years, so I was really surprised when I noticed we didn't have a picture of the tacos on the web site.  So, below is an update of the recipe, with a picture included.  If you like catfish, you are really going to love these tacos.

Catfish has a sweet flavor that tastes great when topped with a spicy Chipotle Slaw.  The slaw was something that took a lot of trial and error to get just right, because chipotle powder is a very intense seasoning. A little goes a long way!  The first few times we made the slaw, the chipotle flavor was a little too strong, and it overpowered the catfish.  So each time we made the slaw, we would reduce the amount of chipotle powder just a little, until we reached just the right amount of spice to go with the fish.

The catfish can be prepared very quickly.  First the fish is dipped in a buttermilk and lemon pepper mixture, then in a breading of cornmeal, flour and seasonings.  Frying takes just about 8 minutes and you are ready to assemble your taco with slices of fresh avocado and a squeeze of lime.  Enjoy!!

1 1/2 pounds  Catfish Fillets, cut in half diagonally
1 cup  Buttermilk
1 tsp  Lemon Pepper
1 cup  Flour
3/4 cup  Cornmeal
2 tsp  Seasoned Salt
2 tsp  Old Bay Seasoning
1/2 tsp  Black Pepper
Vegetable or Canola Oil, for frying
Flour Soft Taco Shells

Place catfish fillets on a plate and set aside.

In a large shallow dish, combine the flour and cornmeal with the salt, Old Bay, and pepper. In a second shallow dish combine the buttermilk and lemon pepper.

In a deep skillet, heat about 1/2 inch of canola oil until hot.

Dip the pieces of catfish into the buttermilk then in the flour/cornmeal mixture, pressing the breading onto the fillets to help it adhere. Gently place the fillets into the heated oil and fry the fish in two or three batches, about 3 - 4 minutes per side until cooked through and golden. Transfer the catfish to a paper-towel lined platter and let drain briefly.

Place a piece of catfish onto a flour tortilla shell, top with a scoop of Chipotle Slaw, drizzle with a squeeze of lime juice, fold the taco closed and serve with sliced avocado and lime wedges. 

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