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Monday, June 18, 2012

NuWave Oven Roast Beef

For his Father's Day dinner this year my husband requested French Dip Sandwiches.  This is a delicious sandwich, but heating the house up in the summertime just to cook a roast is not my favorite thing to do. So I decided to try Plan B.

I pulled out my NuWave Oven and decided to use it to make the roast beef.  I've only used the oven for whole chickens and chicken drumsticks, and I've been wanting to try it for other foods, so today was the day.

I bought a bottom round roast that weighed in at 3-1/2 pounds and seasoned it generously with seasoned salt, lots of ground black pepper and a little mist of olive oil from a spray bottle, just to keep it from sticking to the roasting grid.  I gave the grid itself a quick spray too and lined the bottom drip pan with heavy duty foil. (Zero cleanup on the pan..yay!!)

I placed the roast on the 1-inch rack with the fat side up, inserted an oven-proof thermometer in the side of the roast and set the timer for 20 minutes on HI.  **Make sure the thermometer does not touch the metal edges of the oven.

After 20 minutes the timer beeped and I flipped the roast over.  (It was already smelling amazing!!)  I set the timer for another 20 minutes and started the oven again.  I kept a close eye on the roast for this second half of cook time.  The roast was browning nicely but the thermometer was not quite high enough, reaching about 115 degrees.  I wanted to get to the 120-125 range before turning off the heat, so I added another 10 minutes to the timer.  This extra cook time brought the temp up to 123 degrees, which was good with me.  I turned the oven off and let the roast rest in the oven for 10 minutes longer, which brought the internal temp up to a juicy 133 degrees.  By the time I was slicing the meat it had a nice crust of salt and pepper on the outside and the inside was a perfect medium-rare.  So yummy.

Here are some pictures of the whole process.  For those of you who own a NuWave, drag that thing out and give it a try this summer and you might find you can save yourself some money.  By cooking the beef in the NuWave I had the chance to season the meat the way we liked and since the roast was on sale ($3.99 per pound) I saved about $18 over the price of roast beef from the deli ($9.99 per pound).  A delicious money-saving meal and I didn't even have to heat up the house.

We served the sandwiches with sliced swiss cheese and horseradish-mayo and a little bowl of french onion soup to dip the sandwich into.  Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Trying this tomorrow.

  2. There's a few things that I will only eat on a grill, steak and hamburgers being a couple. I usually use my gas grill all year, even during a snow storm if I have to. Since my wonderful mother bought me a nu wave oven I didn't use my gas grill or oven all summer. I love cooking a steak and not have to guess when it's done. That it doesn't heat the kitchen is a plus too!

  3. I have a 2 1/2 # boneless chuck roast so I'm cooking it on high for 20 mins. but then only for an additional 10 mins. after turning the roast. Hoping for RARE since this is NOT a tender cut. WE'LL SEE! Also, I'm brushing it with EVOO and then seasoning it with Lipton onion soup mix for added flavor. We'll see!

  4. The cook time sounds about right for your roast. Let me know how it turns out and thank you for visiting.

  5. What type of pans can be used?

  6. I use a round cake pan, lined with foil, and it works great. Makes for easy clean up!

  7. I've never used this NuWave oven I got a cross rib roast today at the store seasoned it and I'm getting ready to turn it on in a little bit but I'm not even sure how to put it together so that's what I'm going to go to do now and hope it comes out nice I'm expecting you to so I'll let you know I'm very curious to see how it works of a heard great things about it keep your fingers crossed


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