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Friday, May 7, 2010


Nicknamed “Japanese horseradish,” wasabi (WAH-sah-bee) is grated from a rare Asian plant. Authentic wasabi is expensive and hard to find in the United States. The common substitute is a blend of horseradish and mustard, tinted green with food coloring to look like wasabi. 

Authentic wasabi has a thick toothpaste-like texture and a pungent, intense spiciness, with a heat intensity like that of chile peppers. Wasabi’s hotness can be neutralized by drinking water.

To Use - Serve with sushi, mix into mashed potatoes, or use in a sauce or marinade for strong-flavored fish. Look for tubes of wasabi paste or powder (to reconstitute with water) in the Asian food section of large supermarkets or in Asian markets.

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  1. Oh~ Wasabi always makes me crazy^^. It is very hot in good way (best to eat with Sushi...I really love to eat Sushi with Wasabi). One of important source for Asian food(Korea, Japan)
    Thank you for the detail information.


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