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Friday, May 7, 2010

How to Make Party Punch

A few suggestions when preparing Punch --

If it sparkles or bubbles, pour it in last. Try to add ingredients in the order given and always add club soda, champagne, or anything carbonated last. If time permits, the punch should be the last thing you do before guests arrive in order to preserve the bubbles as long as possible. 

Chill all ingredients before mixing. Adding ice to warm juice will create a watery punch. If possible, chill the punch bowl before use.

Larger ice molds last longer than small ice cubes. You can use a fancy ice mold or simply use a flexible plastic storage bowl to make a large ice cube of juice. Try adding mint leaves, cranberries, cherries or lemon and lime slices to the mold before freezing.

When using liquor in a party punch, don't spend a lot of money on the champagne or wine. An inexpensive champagne will taste fine when mixed with fruit juices.

How much punch to make? Assuming your guests will each consume about 3 4-ounce cups of punch, you can estimate about 1 gallon of punch per 10 people. Adjust this figure accordingly depending on the type of punch (alcohol or non-alcoholic), the time of day, and the other beverage choices available.

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