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Friday, May 7, 2010


Thyme is a member of the mint family and is considered by many herbalists as the very nearly perfect useful herb. It ranks as one of the finest herbs of French cuisine. The general rule of using herbs in cooking is - when in doubt use thyme.  

Thyme comes in a multitude of flavors, fragrances, growth habits and hardiness ranges. But all varieties are tough, easy-to-grow perennials with pungent leaves and dense clusters of pink, white or lilac flowers.

How To Grow -

Buy plants at an herb nursery for planting in spring. Plant in a sunny location, with well-draining soil, and place plants about 8 inches apart. Cut plants back after they flower in summer to promote bushiness. Thyme is also a great container herb.

Protect plants with a winter mulch if the variety is not reliably hardy in your area.

Divide plants every three or four years to keep them dense and healthy.

Clip foliage and flowers anytime you need them. The more you cut, or even shear back, the more the plants will grow.

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